Friday, August 29, 2014

Well, tomorrow's my big day.

My first publicly exhibited image will go on show in the Atkins Light group exhibition at 3pm. That's Saturday 30 August,  Red Poles Gallery.

As mentioned before the Light show is part of the   Shimmer 2014 Biennale  - South Australias only photography festival which officially opens today.

As of 3pm tomorrow I will metamorphosis from a plain old amateur photographer/bloke with a camera to an "aspiring artist".

By the way aspiring artists is about as low on the artistic ladder as you can be - and I'm totally fine with and happy to be there.

I had been considering how to reach this first rung when the opportunity fell into my lap from a Flickr contact.
Thanks Thoughfactoryfor alerting me to the opportunity and Paul Atkins and Kate Burns for accepting my entry.

In case you're not aware the artists career ladder goes something like this:
  • Some guy/gal with a camera/paint brush/illustrator's pen/knitting needles etc making stuff because they enjoy it or possibly they have no choice and are compelled to do so by some inner force
  • Aspiring artists - you've managed to get  a piece in some curated venue and your name is had been "out there" at least once.
  • Emerging artists - you've manager to get a number of prices in some curated venues  over a period of time and perhaps had a solo show as well participated as a number of group exhibitions. Your name is out there and maybe you even have some followers or if you're really lucky collectors.
  • Established artist - you routinely get your work into curated venues and have your own exhibitions Gallery owners, curators and art dealers probably know you exists and solicit your work. You may be "represented" by a gallery. You've probably been at it for years or your are a wunderkind.
  • Made it - you're Damien Hirst (or at least Damien Hirst 5 years ago) before people lost interest. You are feted by Charles Saatchi and scantily clad nymphs peel and feed you grapes as you recline and watch your minions produce art. You don't have to touch or see it. You just need to "say it's art".  You're a household name.
There's some caveats for photography though, especially in the Established and Made It categories.
  • If you're art is photography you're not Damien Hirst after all. You're Cindy Sherman or Andreas Gursky and no-one in the general public will have heard of you unless they are "into" fine art photography. Or one of your prints sells for a record price at Sotherbys.
  • You may have to peel your own grapes, which may have a slight sour taste. Being a fine art photographer your discipline is for reasons unknown, not considered art by some and is valued lower than "real art". 
Anyway if you have nothing on tomorrow, Saturday 30th Aug 2014 and want to see some great art (as well as my aspirational entry) feel free to drop down to Red Poles Gallery, Mc Murtrie Road Mc Claren Vale.

If it helps,  all of the exhibitors toss some money into a hat for cheese, wine and biscuits to fete the attendees - we really want to make it worth your while!

So come down and if nothing else you'll get a glass of wine and a cracker.

Anything's possible and you'll be supporting local artists (aspirational, emerging and established) who will real appreciate your support

And you might see some art that opens your eyes or blows your mind and have the chance to meet the next Gary Winongrand.


  1. Replies
    1. (Belated) Thanks for taking the time to take a look. I had no clue that you were a photographer. Not sure if you recall, but we met in Sydney back in the early 90s, e.g. 90, 91 or so.

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