Copyright, Rights, Usage and Licensing

All images on this site and in my Flickr stream are copyright Jason T with all rights reserved.

You  may not use these images for any purpose without my express written permission, or in compliance with copyright law.

If you wish to use one of my images you will need to license the image.

You can obtain a license to use one or more of my images by contacting me at .
Usually there will be a fee to obtain a license to use one or more images.
The fee will vary with the images or images, their use and the intended use duration.

However I may be willing to provide licenses free of charge for certain uses where I personally approve of the use/cause. This waiving of license fees is solely at my discretion.
Note: if the license fee is waived you will still need a license to use the image, and will still need to comply with the terms of that license.
So please if you are working for a good cause or a non profit and your other suppliers are providing "in kind" donations, do approach me.

If you  would like to license one or more of my images please drop me an email at and we can talk.

Note: copyright does have a concept of fair use, mainly for review, criticism and education.
This does not mean you can simply use the protected work (i.e. my images) without license in purported "teaching" materials. The exact nature of fair use in these situations is quite narrow.
For a start it really helps if you are a qualified and registered educator at a registered educational institute. Just wanting to teach people something on your blog is probably not going to count.
If you are a lay person you should not rely on the fair use clause unless you have had legal advice that your use is legal.

If you do have a legal fair use reason and use one or more of my images I'd really appreciate an email and a link - I get a little kick out of seeing my images used.

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